Your Choice of (Bottled) Water Says A LOT About Who You Are

Water seems like a fairly simple concept. You turn on the tap, put glass underneath, and drink. Sadly, it is not this simple for white people. On the whole, they are unable to put a glass under a tap and just drink. In fact, this is such a strange… more

There are certain places where the tap water tastes a lot better after being put through a Brita filter, like Phoenix.
To be fair though, bottle water started in Japan. So it only makes sense white people have taken ownership of it now.
Ha, I just bought one of those metal bottles yesterday, for the exact reasons listed in the article. Looks like I fit in, suckas!
does having a subscription to ‘Cottage Living’ + daydreaming about one day buying and renovating a cottage count?

as a matter of fact, upscale magazine subscriptions are ’stuff white people like’ i.e. Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Dwell, Wallpaper, Gourmet. very important to leave these magazines on coffee tables + other areas where they can be seen.

in our house, water from the tap is used ONLY to wash dishes, or wet a sponge/kitchen towel. never, EVER used for drinking. not even with a filter. although, our stainless steel refrigerator has filtered water + ice cubes. i use the cubes. don’t drink the water. and we all know how white people LOVE their stainless steel appliances!

I’m pretty much considered a queen among white people because I quit my job in corporate law following my messy divorce and moved to Europe to become a food writer. I also drink bottled water, enjoy breakfast and am fond of telling people that I don’t own a car because I prefer to take public transportation. (It gives me more cred than admitting that I’m broke…although the latter can also go over well with white people if deployed correctly and not really true.) Thank you for providing me with more ideas about stuff I might like.
I LOVE the name of this blog.