Now that IS posh, Posh! Queen Victoria Adopts a Regal Pose

Of all the many adjectives applied to Victoria Beckham, ‘sophisticated’ has been one of the least used. Until now. Posh Spice is at last living up to her nickname with a glamorous yet refined photoshoot for Vogue, including her first cover. … more

Sorry. Princess Margaret (at this time in her life) was regal, sophisticated. Why on earth would you try to make this comparison? They have nothing to do with each other.
Doesn’t this woman do anything apart from pose? I thought she had ended the Spice Girl tour to look after her children? Yet every day we are subjected to more photos of her promoting herself.
WOW! She looks natural, beautiful, and chic. So different from her “normal” style.
Oh paleeze Victoria Beckham posh? looks like Princess Margaret- I think not… Princess Margaret was a very elegant and fun lady, always laughing and smiling and very pretty, shame she never remarried. VB is a pale imitation and please remind me, what exactly does she do?
What a lovely picture of Posh! Don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so good.
Terrible use of light in this photo study. And the open mouth makes her look gormless. I am not impressed. If she wants to become sophisticated, that doesn’t start with a silly picture!
Great photo shoot, she looks very soft and has lost her hard edge which was so unattractive… I think wavy hair suits her.