How Long Should the Best Sex Last?

THE best sex should last between seven and 13 minutes, and even three-minute sex is “adequate”, a major survey of US experts has concluded. But Australian sex therapists commenting on the new research say most men Down Under wanted it to last… more

Hmm guess my hubby and I are in the minority at least once a day except for my ‘off’ week and yes we have children at home. And for the record he’s in his 50’s. A quickie for us is 10 mins so by the ‘experts’ standards we’re getting the best sex every time, gotta be happy with that lol.
these wives expect us (faithful men)to perform when we get it twice a month. ha, lIt’s like throwing a biscuit at a starving person every 2 weeks and asking them to take their time eating it…give us poor starving husbands a feed once in a while……lol
Love a good quickie. No frills – just a good hard romp. Go hard or go home.
I always try my hardest to last as long as I can in the bedroom for my wife’s pleasure. Especially when she tells me to keep going. But, considering I’m lucky to have her twice a month it can be damn hard to go a fair distance. If she reads this…twice a month ain’t enough honey!!
after 5years of marriage, i am happy to have sex at all. my hubby seems to have lost his groove, so 7 minutes or 7 seconds, who’s counting, just get on with it please!!!!!!!
Sex what’s that?……………..Sorry I’ve been married for 17 years. Hard to remember what it was like, let alone remember how long it took!!!!!!!