Now that IS posh, Posh! Queen Victoria Adopts a Regal Pose

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Of all the many adjectives applied to Victoria Beckham, ‘sophisticated’ has been one of the least used. Until now. Posh Spice is at last living up to her nickname with a glamorous yet refined photoshoot for Vogue, including her first cover. … more

Sorry. Princess Margaret (at this time in her life) was regal, sophisticated. Why on earth would you try to make this comparison? They have nothing to do with each other.
Doesn’t this woman do anything apart from pose? I thought she had ended the Spice Girl tour to look after her children? Yet every day we are subjected to more photos of her promoting herself.
WOW! She looks natural, beautiful, and chic. So different from her “normal” style.
Oh paleeze Victoria Beckham posh? looks like Princess Margaret- I think not… Princess Margaret was a very elegant and fun lady, always laughing and smiling and very pretty, shame she never remarried. VB is a pale imitation and please remind me, what exactly does she do?
What a lovely picture of Posh! Don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so good.
Terrible use of light in this photo study. And the open mouth makes her look gormless. I am not impressed. If she wants to become sophisticated, that doesn’t start with a silly picture!
Great photo shoot, she looks very soft and has lost her hard edge which was so unattractive… I think wavy hair suits her.

Your Choice of (Bottled) Water Says A LOT About Who You Are

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Water seems like a fairly simple concept. You turn on the tap, put glass underneath, and drink. Sadly, it is not this simple for white people. On the whole, they are unable to put a glass under a tap and just drink. In fact, this is such a strange… more

There are certain places where the tap water tastes a lot better after being put through a Brita filter, like Phoenix.
To be fair though, bottle water started in Japan. So it only makes sense white people have taken ownership of it now.
Ha, I just bought one of those metal bottles yesterday, for the exact reasons listed in the article. Looks like I fit in, suckas!
does having a subscription to ‘Cottage Living’ + daydreaming about one day buying and renovating a cottage count?

as a matter of fact, upscale magazine subscriptions are ’stuff white people like’ i.e. Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Dwell, Wallpaper, Gourmet. very important to leave these magazines on coffee tables + other areas where they can be seen.

in our house, water from the tap is used ONLY to wash dishes, or wet a sponge/kitchen towel. never, EVER used for drinking. not even with a filter. although, our stainless steel refrigerator has filtered water + ice cubes. i use the cubes. don’t drink the water. and we all know how white people LOVE their stainless steel appliances!

I’m pretty much considered a queen among white people because I quit my job in corporate law following my messy divorce and moved to Europe to become a food writer. I also drink bottled water, enjoy breakfast and am fond of telling people that I don’t own a car because I prefer to take public transportation. (It gives me more cred than admitting that I’m broke…although the latter can also go over well with white people if deployed correctly and not really true.) Thank you for providing me with more ideas about stuff I might like.
I LOVE the name of this blog.

How Long Should the Best Sex Last?

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THE best sex should last between seven and 13 minutes, and even three-minute sex is “adequate”, a major survey of US experts has concluded. But Australian sex therapists commenting on the new research say most men Down Under wanted it to last… more

Hmm guess my hubby and I are in the minority at least once a day except for my ‘off’ week and yes we have children at home. And for the record he’s in his 50’s. A quickie for us is 10 mins so by the ‘experts’ standards we’re getting the best sex every time, gotta be happy with that lol.
these wives expect us (faithful men)to perform when we get it twice a month. ha, lIt’s like throwing a biscuit at a starving person every 2 weeks and asking them to take their time eating it…give us poor starving husbands a feed once in a while……lol
Love a good quickie. No frills – just a good hard romp. Go hard or go home.
I always try my hardest to last as long as I can in the bedroom for my wife’s pleasure. Especially when she tells me to keep going. But, considering I’m lucky to have her twice a month it can be damn hard to go a fair distance. If she reads this…twice a month ain’t enough honey!!
after 5years of marriage, i am happy to have sex at all. my hubby seems to have lost his groove, so 7 minutes or 7 seconds, who’s counting, just get on with it please!!!!!!!
Sex what’s that?……………..Sorry I’ve been married for 17 years. Hard to remember what it was like, let alone remember how long it took!!!!!!!

“Contour” Bras: Holding Us Up, Or Holding Us Back?

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Do you find it torturous to go bra shopping because 95% of what’s available falls into the “contoured” bra category? As in: the bras that are supposed to be “lined” when really, they’re just padded, unyielding cups? For some of us with larger breasts..

I let my nips run free without being self conscious until college when a neigbhor would poke at them with sticks when he got drunk.

Padded bras from then on.

I do not want to see other ladies’ nipples at work and do not wish to showcase mine. Outside of the workplace, less of a problem. But again, I see old women everywhere sporting NIPPLES and I just don’t want to see that. Sorry!

However, I don’t like the padded cups either, so there’s a whole nother delemma.

Padded bras get on my nerves too and in that same vein, padded bathing suit tops piss me off. I understand some girls are totally flat and maybe they want to rock the padding, but those things just suck up water and they make your boobs look funny (especially if it’s a triangle top). I hate picking up a cute bathing suit only to find out it’s got those fucking pads.
I’m with you on the padded bikini tops. I don’t particularly like the feeling of wet, leaky sponges strapped to my chest, thank you very much. Also, I don’t mind showing nips when wearing a bikini. If I wanted to be modest, I’d wear a suit with a skirt topped by a muumuu.
I need the little bit of padding because my nipples are super sensitive. It’s fantastically fun in the bedroom, but some shirts HURT my tic tacs, yo.
as someone whose tits ride a little low, I kind of love the contour bra. (and I just got into ’em like, a week ago. seriously.)

let me tell you, nothing make me look amazing quite like the VS infinity edge push-up. NOTHING.

I’ll admit to wearing a contour bra, but that’s because my perkiness turns into cone tit in most non-structured bras.
I wear a 32F…I noticed a lot of the girls with disproportionately big boobs complaining about trying to find something that fits. Can I recommend www.bravissimo.com? They are UK based and ONLY sell bras and clothing specifically for people with boobs. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to order a shirt and not have to slouch for it to fit in front.
I have not worn a bra in years. I found the beauty of camisole/shelf bra-type shirts. I have small tits, though.
Back in the D-cup days, I really liked the Bali Seductive Curves bra. I have one of the Le Mystere contour ones now in a 34F. I like the way they look under sweaters, and they’re certainly better than any VS bra I’ve ever owned.

That being said — my best push-up and supportive bras tend to be the lacy ones. I have no idea why, but they lift and separate better than anything out there.